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Apr 27, 2009

4-27-2009 E-MAIL


Hey everybody, so first of all we had interviews this week, so I just had to
ask my Pres whats going on with Bolivia. He told me he didn't find out who
was going to Bolivia until one week b4 they were going. So he really doesn't
know anything. So I'm gonna be here atleast till the end of May. But my
zone is awesome, and my area is pretty nice, so I can wait here. The work in
our area isn't so hot right now. And well we aren't exactly working like
crazy. My comp has 22 months, and it shows. But we get along fine, so I just
gotta push him a bit more. But we did better this week. Our Ward gives us a
ton of references. Right now we have a lot of people with potential, so
we’ll get some baptismal dates this week I think. But I found out that this
first fam I baptized in Las Flores was completed this week. Eld Duncan and
Murillo got the parents married and then the dad Raul got baptized, soo

So I'm now in the doublé digits in months, that's pretty weird, I'm gonna
hit the year b4 I know it. So I'm gonna call for a Little bit this week,
mom, probably Saturday, just to figure out when I'm gonna call for the long
one. Right now my plan is to call May 9th, the day b4 Mother's Day, so if
people wanna come for the weekend they can. Idk how long I'm gonna be able
to call for, I’ll bring it up with my comp. Mom, you need to ask Autsins mom
if he knows and Elder Laura, he's in Costa Rica with Austin, and he's from
my Ward here in Lima. We are gonna go visit his fam and look at his
pictures. I know like 15 Elders in Costa Rica, so it's gonna be cool to see

Crystal- that reference book would be a huge help, thanks
Grandma- I'm sure Matt will be fine, dont worry.
Kim- It's good to hear you guys are doing good. Ya my area is pretty rich, I
live in a rich suburb of lima. Everything is rich except for where we live
haha. It's a hot desert here, but it's starting to cool down. From 11am to 1
pm its still pretty rough outside though.
Mom, Dad- My road is called Avenida Bolivar, idk my house number but I live
next to a soccer field. It's between zone E and G… I think. Just me and my
comp live there. It's pretty nice, our pensh bring our food to us on a
platter. And last week I got your pckg with the vitamins and cds. Gracias
Mom, do you know who my buddies are in the mission? Do you talk with their
moms? Dad, do you speak Spanish anymore… ¿Entiendes lo que te digo?
EE- Here in Lima I can't listen to other music apart from Hymns. But in
Santa Cruz I think I can. Good luck being pregnant.
KK- Haha, the only birds I notice are pigeons, but I’ll keep an eye peeled
this week.
Valynn- Sounds like the yougins are keeping you busy.

Well, you guys take care of yourself, I'll be calling some time Friday or
Saturday, more likely Saturday, just to set up the BIG call. I love you guys
so much
Cuídense, Elder Mike Wilson

ps I'll try and get some cds burned of photos, sorry I haven't sent anything
in forever.

p.s. So I found out a bit more about my area, I'm starting to figure out how to
get around, its really simple, there's just 4 super skinny canyons. But our
relief society pres told us theres a place 3 hours away from here... and
it's our area. we basically have from the edge of lima, till... forever.
It's so much different from my other area. Well gotta go love ya

4-20-2009 E-MAIL



My area is huge and awesome. It's out in the
middle of nowhere. The Ward is cool, and There's some Americans in it which
is wierd. My zone is awesome, there's a ton of American stuff to buy in the
city. My comp is cool, Elder Guzman. But, we're not exactly working our
tails off here, we went home teaching last night, and nothing else. The area
is a dessert, which means it's hotter than Las Flores, but dry, no humidity.
Well my area is nuts. Its super skinny. My house
in up in one of the canyons, and you can be on one side of the canyon and
throw a rock to the other side. But it is so long. I could cross Las Flores
on foot in 5, at the most 10 minutes. But it takes 30-40 min to cross my
area in bus. My area is called Cieniguilla. For all the time I was in Las
Flores, my buddy elder Duncan was here. His made quite a legend for himself.

Crystal- if you dont like snow come to lima haha.
EE-we do all sorts of stuff on pday. Today we are gonna play basketball and
soccer with another zone, should be pretty great. Or we go to famous places
in Lima… there's like 4.
kk- I'm glad to hear they remember me haha.
Mom- ya after I wrote you last week I found two of my friends who came from
Cocha, and they are leaving in 4 days for Bolivia. NOw I just gotta be
patient and keep working here till I leave.

Sorry this email is so short but I'm totally fine, and happy. I can

definately wait here till I leave for Santa Cruz.

Love you guys so much. I’ll be calling b4 you know it. Take care

Elder Mike Wilson

4-13-2009 E-MAIL


First of all ¡ME VOY!. I am actually leaving Las Flores. And I’m…. Going
back to my old zone haha, where I was with Dodds. My area is called
Cinaguilla. It is almost 2 hours outside of Lima… that makes me happy. That
night me Evans and Duncan got ditched by our comps in Lima we ended up
sleeping out there. I can’t tell you how excited I am right now. Elder
Duncan has been there for 7 ½ months, and he’s swapping area with me haha.
Im gonna miss Elder Murillo a lot, he taught me so much and helped me out a
ton. At first my ZL told my I was going to be district leader, haha. But no
im still jr.
Second Kim and Mason congratulations. I look forward to getting to know
Jace after the mish. Sounds like things are going well and everybody’s safe
and sound.
3rd. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on with Bolivia. Mom, ask the
other moms if their sons are ACTUALLY in Bolivia or just THINK they are
going. Cuz me ZL asked my pres and he still hasn’t heard a thing.
We ended the transfer well, we were going to baptized a lady and her two
kids, but ended baptizing just the kids. But she’s still getting baptized this month.
We had a talent show this week, it was pretty good. We had one lady dress
up like some Cuban singer and lip sing, I cant really describe how funny it
was but you’ll see the video in a bit. I’m gonna burn like 4 cds of all my
photos and video since Janurary and send em.
I just realized I call home in way less than a month, ill call the first
part of May for… ‘’5’’ minutes to set up the real call. But let my know if
its better to call on mothers day or the day b4.

-Kortney- I finally took a pic with a guinea pig.
Crystal- Ya I hope my convirts go on missions. I think Cesar, we baptized
him 2 weeks ago, might go. Thatd be so amazing.
Uncle Ron- thank you for your email, it’s always nice to hear that people
are enjoying my emails.

Well I hope this email makes it through!
Love you guys! Ill be writing next week from one of the richests parts of
Lima haha. Crazy.

Elder Michael Wilson

Apr 8, 2009

4-6-2009 E-MAIL


Hey everybody, sounds like everythings going pretty well at home. Things are
going great here. I'm starting what I think is my last week in Las Flores…
I’ve had 29 of em. But I'll find out next week if I'm really leaving or
not. Last week was pretty great, we had an awesome PDay, we climbed a huge
hill in our area and could see probably 2/3 of Lima, we took some pretty
great pics up there. I did divisions and spent 2 hours in a place called
Caja de Agua (Box of Water), the rules say gringos are allowed there, but we
stayed out of the most dangerous parts. I was with a brand new elder, Elder
Nicho, he's got about 2 months down. The time with him helped me realize my
teachings not that bad, cuz I was the one who had to save the lesson a
couple of times. We had a lady named Rosa miss her baptism yesterday, she
just didn’t show up. It's so frustrating here, every person you meet says,
‘’YA! I'll be at your church Sunday at 10Am sharp, but then nobody comes’’.
But what ever we'll keep working with her and another lady named Rosa
(theres a lot of them) for their baptisms for April 11th.
Conference was nuts, I felt like I got more out of it then last time.
President Monson’s talk about the German woman watching her 4 children die
in the snow just killed me.
Most of the talks were about preparing ourselves, and doing the basics
like we’ve always been taught. Wow, it sounds like things are kinda crazy
over there right now. It got me thinking ‘’what’s the US going to be like
when I get home?’’. But ya we’ll get to that in 15 months. One thing that
made me say ‘’whoah’’ was Elder Packard of Ballard ‘’the generation of fun
and games is over’’
After conference Betsi, the first person I baptized, brought her hubby
Raul to conference. We taught them in the chapel after conference, the
spirit was SO strong, the strongest I’ve ever felt so far in a lesson. We
taught him the first lesson, and committed them to get married the 18th of
April, and then Raul will get baptized later that night. I’m really going to
have a hard time saying goodbye to my converts on the cerro, especially this
Also funny story about the baptism last week with Cesar, I'm pretty sure I
didn’t mention this: We didn’t have any clothes to baptize him in. But a
week b4, a little girl got baptized by her dad, and he used my pants. But
when he gave them back, the girls ¿tunic? (spelling) was in there too. That
was all we had, so we used it. Cesar looked beautiful with that nice little
bow on the back, haha. We were able to hold it in with him, but after he
left we were dying laughing.

Crystal- Gracias por the marriage advice, I'll look for a girl closer to
WA. And did you see Tim Bleazard in the choir?!?

Kim- ¡Good luck with the surgery! I'll be praying for you.

EE- The biggest difference now that I get along with my comp is that we have
the spirit. If you don’t have the spirit, you’re not doing things the Lord’s
way. I'm glad to hear Rolands doing better.

Mom/Dad- one of the packages made it here, it had the new address. I’m
pretty sure the other one got lost. I actually have heard some things this
week about us going to Santa Cruz. We might be going next week actually
haha. But I don’t know, my Zone leaders have a conf today with the Pres, so
they’re gonna find out a bit more for me. But ya if some have gone in,
that’s really promising. I just hope my whole group gets to go together,
we’ve talked a lot about having the moment together in the airport.

KK- don’t worry if you don’t write me, Im fine. How far along are you? Haha,
that’s a really funny story about Brian. Ya if you send me a package be sure
and use the new address, or else we’ll have troubles.

Well I love you all a ton. I’ll keep working here while I still can, and ill
let you know what happens with Bolivia.

Love Elder Mike Wilson


Elder Michael David Wilson
Mision Peru Lima Este
Calle Los Agrologos 368
Urbinizacion Las Acacias de Monterrico
La Molina, Lima 12, Peru


Only a single sheet of paper folded and taped can be sent via this address.

Elder Michael D. Wilson
Peru Lima East Mission
P.O. Box 30150
SLC, UT 84130-0150


MISSION: Bolivia Santa Cruz ENTERED MTC ON: June 25, 2008 RELEASE DATE: June 25, 2010



2nd Nephi 15: 26-30
26 And he will lift up an ensign to the nations from far, and will hiss unto them from the end of the earth; and behold, they shall come with speed swiftly; none shall be weary nor stumble among them.

27 None shall slumber nor sleep; neither shall the girdle of their loins be loosed, nor the latchet of their shoes be broken;

28 Whose arrows shall be sharp, and all their bows bent, and their horses’ hoofs shall be counted like flint, and their wheels like a whirlwind, their roaring like a lion.

29 They shall roar like young lions; yea, they shall roar, and lay hold of the prey, and shall carry away safe, and none shall deliver.

30 And in that day they shall roar against them like the roaring of the sea; and if they look unto the land, behold, darkness and sorrow, and the light is darkened in the heavens thereof

Mike receiving his call!

Mike receiving his call!